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Internal Dispute: BJP Controlled Panchayet Is In Crisis

Gokul Nagar panchayat controlled by BJP under Kumarhghat Block is facing a serious crisis due to an internal dispute of the party. Six out of nine BJP members have submitted resignation protesting against external interference. Three of them subsequently withdraw the resignation but the panchayat is yet to elect a Pradhan. In the last election BJP won ten seats in the panchayat and Bankim Mitra was elected Pradhan unanimously. Some time back he died due to illness and upa-pradhan Mritunjoy Sinha was discharging the work of the Pradhan with full satisfaction of the members. The crisis started when the initiative was taken to elect a pradhan and some party leaders started interfering. The majority of the members were in favor of Mritunjoy Sinha to be elected pradhan as he was running the panchayat with the satisfaction of all members while some party leaders refused to accept the majority opinion. The dispute snowballed into a crisis when six of the ten BJP members submitted resignation to the BDO. Subsequently, the leaders convinced three to withdraw the resignation but yet to elect a pradhan. 

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