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International ATM Fraud Hakan Janburkan Arrested In Dhaka. Escaped From Tripura

Hakan Janburkan, a citizen of Turkey, is one of the masterminds of the ATM card cloning scam. He used to take money from booths by cloning ATM cards in different countries.

Hakan was arrested in 2019 in the Indian state of Assam. After being in jail for about 20 months, he managed to escape while being treated at the GBP hospital Agartala the capital of Tripura.

He returned to his homeland through Nepal with the help of an Indian man.

Hakan came to Bangladesh last December and tried to withdraw money by cloning various ATM cards.

A total of 18 cards including 5 mobiles, 1 laptop and 15 clone cards were seized from their custody.

This was stated at a press conference held at DMP Media Center on Wednesday (January 19) at noon. Asaduzzaman.

He said the arrested Turkish national was one of the masterminds of the Hakan International ATM card cloning scam. From January 2 to January 4, Eastern Bank Ltd. visited various booths and issued cards to citizens of about 40 countries including Australia, New Zealand, USA, India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Germany, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Canada, Bolivia, Spain, Finland and Norway. He tried to withdraw money at least 64 times through scamming.

Eastern Bank uses anti-scamming technology to be aware of the matter through an alarm system and to be able to prevent scamming.

The CTTC chief said Hakan was arrested in 2019 along with another Turkish national and two Bangladeshis in an ATM scam at the Paltanbazar police station in the Indian state of Assam. They embezzled around Rs 1 million by cloning cards from various ATM booths in India.

While in jail in India for about 20 months, he managed to escape from police custody at the Govinda Vallabh Pant Hospital in Agartala. Later, with the help of an Indian man, he reached Nepal via Sikkim for two lakh rupees. From there collect travel documents and return to your home country.

Hakan has visited Bangladesh several times before. He last came to Bangladesh on 31 December. He was staying at The Capital Hotel in Dhaka.

The CTTC official said that citizens of different countries including Turkey, Bulgaria, Mexico, India and Bangladesh are involved in this cycle. The arrested have been sent to the court with a remand application in a case filed under the Digital Security Act at Paltan Police Station.

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