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Irregular Ration: Villagers Blocked National Highway In Kanchanpur

Tensions escalated in Karamcharra ADC village of Longtarai Valley Sub-division as residents alleged irregularities in the distribution of essential ration supplies in the government fair price Shop.

This issue has led to a series of protests, road blockades, and frustration among the local population.

According to the reports, the root of the problem lies in the change in ownership of the government fair price shop.

Previously, the shop was located in a different area, making it more accessible to the villagers.

However, it recently changed its ownership and shifted to Ramani Reang Para of East Karamcharra ADC village.

Locals alleged that, since the ration shop changed its location to Ramani Reang Para, the local people started suffering.

The people of the area complain that they are not getting the goods from this government Fair price shop, villagers who claim that they are not receiving their entitled ration supplies promptly.

Despite some ration cardholders being entitled to more than ten kilograms of rice, they are reportedly receiving only ten kilograms.

Moreover, other essential items like sugar, lentils, and salt are often unavailable in the shop.

Villagers have also expressed their frustration over the store’s irregular opening hours.

A significant portion of the population in this rural area relies heavily on the government fair price shop for their daily sustenance.

Daily wage laborers, in particular, find their liveli- hoods at risk due to the unavailability of essen- tial supplies at reasonable prices.

In response to these grievances, local residents staged a protest on Wednesday morning by blocking the National Highway of Assam-Agartala.

The prolonged road blockade caused inconvenience to commuters and travelers, highlighting the seriousness of the situation.

After hours of road- block, officials of the Food Department along with the police of Manu Police Station rushed to the place of siege.

On the promise of the of- ficials of the Food Department, locals lifted the blockade. Meanwhile, due to the sudden blockade of the national highway, the daily commuters have to suffer a lot.

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