Israel-Palestine Conflict: ‘We Are At War’ Said PM Netanyahu As Hamas Launches Attack

Palestine’s terrorist organization Hamas has fired 5000 rockets on southern Israel. After this, Israeli forces have declared themselves ready for war. 

The Israeli Defence Forces declared readiness for war on Saturday following heavy rocket fire from the Gaza Strip and the infiltration of Hamas militants into Israel, The Times of Israel reported. 

At the same time, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also made it clear that not a single terrorist targeting Israel will be spared. After the attack on Israel, Netanyahu released a video and addressed the people of the country.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu promised the countrymen in a video statement after the attacks that the country is at war. 
Netanyahu said, ‘We are at war and we will win.’ 

He stressed, ‘There is no ‘operation’, no ’round’ but a war.’ This is Netanyahu’s first comment after Hamas attacked Israel. Israel was bombarded with rockets from all sides by Hamas. The Israeli PM has promised that Hamas will ‘pay a price it has never known.’ 

The PM also ordered the country’s army to vacate the towns occupied by Hamas terrorists, which are becoming the target of firing.

PM Netanyahu said, ‘Soldiers are maintaining a front against the enemy everywhere. After the rocket attack, the Israeli army started air strikes on Gaza. Dozens of IDF warplanes are attacking several positions of Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip, the army said. 

Meanwhile, the Israeli army attacked targets in Gaza. This led to continuous air strikes with sirens sounding on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. It said the army was engaged in a shootout with Hamas militants. They had infiltrated Israel at at least seven places.

The army said that the terrorists had crossed the border and entered the country. They even attacked Israel from the air. The country’s Defense Minister Yoav Galant has approved the draft of reserve soldiers in accordance with the IDF’s requirements. 

PM Netanyahu also reached the Defence Ministry to take stock of the current security situation. The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said in a statement that Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi was assessing the situation and approving action plans.

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