Israeli Army Enters In Gaza. Recovered Bodies Of Israeli Citizens

The Israeli army is carrying out ground action against the extremist group Hamas in Gaza. The army has infiltrated the Gaza Strip with tanks. 

However, with the entry of the Israeli army into the Gaza Strip, the pictures seen are very frightening. 

Actually, the army has recovered the bodies of some Israeli citizens during the raid in Gaza. In such a situation, it is believed that the Israeli army may become more aggressive. 

According to the BBC report, Israeli newspapers have claimed that the bodies found in the Gaza Strip are those who were held hostage by Hamas fighters since last Saturday. 

Israeli newspapers ‘Haaretz’ and ‘Jerusalem Post’ have quoted Israel Defense Forces as saying that the army has found several unidentified dead bodies. They are being brought to Israeli territory. After which they will be identified. 

It is worth noting that earlier on Friday, Hamas had claimed that Israel was killing its own people by carrying out air strikes. 

Along with this, Hamas claimed that 13 people have died due to the attack from Israel, which includes Israeli and foreign citizens. 

Earlier, Israel was claiming that the extremist group Hamas had captured 150 of their people. Common citizens and army personnel are also included in these.

According to Reuters report, on Saturday the Israeli army started raids in the Gaza area. The army itself has said that it has started raids to destroy terrorist hideouts and infrastructure in Gaza. Even before starting the ground action, the Israeli army had ordered all 11 lakh Palestinians to vacate Gaza city within 24 hours.

On the other hand, Hamas asked people to stay in their homes. However, in the pictures going viral on social media, people can clearly be seen going to other places. 

Let us tell you that till now more than 1300 people have died in Israel. At the same time, the Israeli army has killed more than 1500 people in Gaza. 

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