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Israeli Strike In Gaza: Leftists Holds Protest Rally In Agartala

The opposition CPI (M) and other Left parties under the banner of All India Peace and Solidarity Organization (AIPSO), Tripura organized a protest rally in Agartala on Wednesday after- noon condemning Israeli strikes on Palestine’s Gaza.

After passing various thoroughfares of Agartala, the protest rally ended at RMS Chowmuhani area of the city, where leaders addressed the gathering and strongly con- demned attacks of Israel on Palestine’s Gaza strip.

Speaking at the protest rally, CITU leader and former MP Sankar Prasad Datta said that all Left parties and the Central Committee of CPI(M) strongly condemned the refusal of the Modi government to vote for the UN General As- sembly resolution calling for humanitarian ceasefire, pro- tection to all civilians and im- mediate humanitarian aid.

The abstention of the Modi government and its siding with the imperialist warmongers goes against the history and tradition of India’s support to the Palestinian cause, said Datta.

While standing with the UN resolution demands, they expressed their solidarity with the suffering people of Palestine against the genocidal war being waged by Israel brazenly flouting all international laws.

He said that so far, officially, 8000 people have been killed of whom 4000 are children and the toll is going up every day, including killings being reported not just in Gaza but also in the West bank. Datta added that the CPI(M) is demanding and part of the growing massive global public protests to force Israel to immediately declare a ceasefire, and the implementation of the UN mandated 2-State solution with East Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian State with pre-1967 borders.

They also called upon all party units to step up solidarity actions with the Pales- tinian people’s struggle for a homeland and against Israeli geno- cidal aggression.

During the protest rally, former Chief Minister Manik Sarkar, CPI(M) state secretary and MLA Jitendra Chaudhury along with other Left Front leaders also participated.

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