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ISRO Chairman Somnath Withdraws Publishing Of His Autobiography For Controversy

ISRO Chief S Somnath has recently written a book on his life. In this book written in Malayalam language, ISRO Chief has shared many experiences from his early life.

But one thing written in this book has attracted everyone’s attention. Media organizations of South India have claimed that in this book, S Somnath has made big revelations about the then ISRO chief K Sivan.

Media organizations say that S Somnath has written that K Sivan did not wanted him to become the next Chief of ISRO.

Not only this, Somnath has also talked about the failure of Chandrayaan-2 in his book.

South Indian media made a big revelation about the book and said that the then ISRO Chief K Sivan had become an obstacle in the way of S Somnath’s position. He did not want S Somnath to become the next Chief of ISRO.

The media there says that this big disclosure has been made by S. Somnath in his book Nilavu ​​Kudicha Simhangal.

However, when S Somnath spoke to news agency PTI, he did not take anyone’s name. Somnath said PTI that I had not made any personal comment on anyone. My target was not at any one person.

S Somnath himself told the truth on the claims being made by the media of South India.

 Referring to that in his book, he said that when a person tries to reach a higher position, he faces many problems.

There were many challenges in my life too. I have not taken the name of any single person in my book nor have I made allegations against any single person. I just raised the issue.

S Somnath also mentioned in the conversation why Chandrayaan-2 failed? Somnath mentioned that Chandrayaan-2 mission had failed due to haste. All the tests that should have been done for him were not done. It has also been claimed in the media that Somnath has written that the mistakes made in the failure of Chandrayaan-2 were hidden. Somnath said that whatever is happening should be told as it is.

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