ISRO Successfully Conducts ‘Reusable Launch Vehicle’ Test From Karnataka

ISRO-DRDO (ISRO-DRDO) and the Air Force have successfully conducted a landing mission on the morning of 2 April. 

ISRO tweeted and said ‘India has done it’. 

The RLV took off at 7:10 a.m. as an underslung load from a Chinook helicopter of the Indian Air Force and was successful in the landing mission after flying to an altitude of 4.5 km.  

The mission was conducted at the Aeronautical Test Range (ATR), Chitradurga, Karnataka. 

During this landing maneuvers were done and at around 7:40 an excellent landing was completed at the ATR airport. 

Along with this, ISRO also successfully achieved the landing of the spaceship. 

The landing of the space re-entry vehicle is done at the same high speed as the vehicle comes from space.

During the landing mission, the RLV LEX was carried by a Chinook helicopter of the Indian Air Force. It was taken to an altitude of 4.5 km and released at a range of 4.6 km. 

After leaving it, the reusable launch vehicle took off at a light speed. After some time, it himself was landed in ATR with landing gear. It can launch the rocket again through a reusable launch vehicle.

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