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ISRO’s LVM3 Launch Vehicle Successfully Injects 36 Satellites Into Orbits

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) launched 36 satellites simultaneously on Sunday (26 March). 

ISRO’s LVM3 launch vehicle carrying satellites of the British company took off from Sri Harikota at 9 am. 

According to official information, this 43 and a half meter tall ISRO rocket took off with 36 satellites of a UK company together. 

The total weight of the satellites with which LVM3 flew is 5 thousand 805 tonnes. 

This mission has been named LVM3-M3 / OneWeb India-2. ISRO had informed about the launch of this mission by tweeting. 

LVM3 is the heaviest launch vehicle of ISRO which has completed five successful flights so far including Chandrayaan-2 mission.

 In fact, Britain’s OneWeb Group company had tied up with NewSpace India Limited, the commercial arm of ISRO, to launch 72 satellites.

In this, ISRO has already launched 23 satellites on 23 October 2022. 

On Sunday the remaining 23 satellites will be placed in the Earth’s orbit. With this launch of ISRO, the total number of satellites of the Web One company in the Earth’s orbit will be 616. At the same time, this is the second launch of this year for ISRO.

ISRO said if this launch is successful, OneWeb India-2 will complete the constellation of more than 600 lower earth orbit satellites in space. Along with this, it will help in the space base broadband internet plan in every part of the world.

According to the latest report the Indian Space Research Organisation’s largest LVM3 rocket on Sunday successfully placed 36 internet satellites of UK-based OneWeb group company into intended orbits.

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