It’s Caution Time…

The expert panel formed by the central government’s Department of Science and Technology, which had concluded  that India crossed its Covid peak in September when there were around 10 lakh active cases, has also estimated that if present measures such as masks, hand hygiene and social distancing are not maintained, India could be headed for a bigger peak around November. In such a situation, active cases could rise within a month to 25 lakh, and mortality could treble by February. However, the panel has estimated that if all precautions continue to be taken, India could be left with around 20,000 cases by February. India currently has a total of 1,14,610 Covid deaths, with a case fatality rate of 1.52 per cent. “If the existing personal safety protocols do not continue in full measure, we could see another peak in November and it can be even bigger. In fact, we estimate that if these measures do not continue, active cases could rise to 25 lakh within a month (from the current 7,72,055), forecasts the experts. But the biggest impact would then be on mortalities. If all these precautions are thrown to the wind, we can see mortalities easily tripling by February, fearing experts. Tripura also gears up for the Durga puja festive. But we must remember that not only essence of ‘Shiuli’ but corona also in the air.

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