It’s Democracy…What To Ask !!!

India is a Democratic country. We all know this. Democracies reach their acme when they are stable beyond question, not when they seek to throw spanners in the executive wheel. The right to information, after all, must always remain subservient to national security; and strong governments know that national security is always under threat from those who ask questions. Given that India’s economy is flourishing, the pandemic is under control (after all, thanks to our efficient management of the pandemic, we are still only second to the US) social harmony prevails everywhere, Institutions are understanding and obliging, self-styled “intellectuals” are safely away, what questions remain to be asked of the executive, pray? We in India are setting an example for the rest of the troubled world. It is such a stabilising circumstance that loyal citizens recognise questions asked of courts to be contempt , questions asked on the street to be sedition, and questions asked in parliament to be waste of time. So…lets enjoy the democracy.

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