It’s My Right To Speak In Parliament. Hope, Will Be Allowed Tomorrow: Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday spoke on the controversy over his statement given in London. In fact, due to the controversy over the above statement, there was a lot of uproar during his address in the House, after which the proceedings had to be postponed. 

Talking about this, Rahul said that it is my right to speak in the Parliament, hopefully, will be allowed to speak tomorrow. 

Rahul Gandhi said, “Our government does not allow discussion in the House on any idea of ​​the opposition. Many times when I stood up to speak in Parliament, my mike was switched off. This is not the India we are all used to.”

The Congress leader said, “Today I told the speaker that I want to present my views in Parliament. Four ministers of the government have accused me, so I also have the right to explain. Today, within a minute of my arrival, the house adjourn Done. Hopefully let me speak tomorrow.”

He said, “I have completely explained what I said about PM and Adani ji. This is a complete diversionary tactic. I doubt whether I will be allowed to speak in Parliament. I am an MP, my first responsibility is to speak in Parliament.”

It may be noted that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s uproar over Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s recent statement in London regarding Indian democracy and the demand by the opposition parties for an inquiry by the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) into the Adani-Hindenburg matter.

Due to the uproar, the proceedings of both the Houses of Parliament were disrupted for the fourth consecutive day on Thursday, and were adjourned till 2 pm, shortly after the commencement of the proceedings.

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