It’s Not How You Talk About Friends: Joe Biden On Trump’s ‘Filthy Air In India’ Comment

White House challenger Joe Biden has yet again slammed US President Donald Trump, just days before the United States elects its next leader, over his choice of words as he accused Trump of a poor understanding of global issues. Joe Biden, a Democrat, criticised the US President for calling India “filthy” when the two leaders had a final face-off at the last presidential debate. “President Trump called India “filthy.” It’s not how you talk about friends-and it’s not how you solve global challenges like climate change,” he wrote in a tweet, referring to Democratic vice president nominee Kamala Harris.
“@KamalaHarris and I deeply value our partnership-and will put respect back at the center of our foreign policy,” he further added. On Friday, the US President, who is seeking a second term, referred to “filthy air” in India as he defended his decision to pull out of the Paris accord – a key global deal to combat climate change by reducing CO2 emission, among other steps.

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