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Joint Movement Committee For Tipraland, NRC: Pradyot To Join Meeting Called By IPFT

TIPRA Chairman Pradyot Kishore Debbarman to join the meeting called by IPFT regarding Joint Movement Committee for separate Tipraland and NRC in Tripura. In a tweet Mr Barman mentioned that

For the sake of thansa and despite my
health i will attend for the sake of my
people We have to put our peoples
interest above personal and party
interest! And we won’t compromise
on our aims and objective as long as i
am there #TIPRA #Thansa

Notably, IPFT invites TIPRA in a meeting to be held on October 16 under banner of Joint Movement Committee for Tipraland and NRC in Tripura. In an invitation latter IPFT mentioned that:

It is our immense pleasure to inform all like minded Political partiees, NGOs, individual that IPFT has decided to form a Joint Movement Committee for full – fledged Statehood demand ( TIPRALAND ) and NRC to safeguard the native Indigenous peoples of Tripura.

Therefore, I on behalf of IPFT would like to request you to join in our Joint Movement Committee

Hence, looking forward for your positive response.

The meeting to be held on October 16 at Geetanjali Guest House.

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