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JRBT Job Aspirants Stages Protest Once Again For Appointment

The BJP and IPFT coalition government took the JRBT exam with much drumming , collecting fees money from lakhs of unemployed people in the state and outside the state of Tripura. 

But two years and nine months have passed, the government has completely failed to complete the recruitment process and announce the results.

Even though the matter has been discussed a lot, there is still no sign of the result announcement. 

As a result, unemployeds are desperate for jobs. They shook the main gate of the concerned office even in the holiday on Sunday. 

“Three years to pass, so far the government yet to give appointment. And the bigger issue is that the oral exam ( viva) of group C exam is done but the date of viva of group D exam is not announced. As a result, the unemployeds are moving towards an uncertain future” said the job aspirants. 

“Again, many of them have passed the age limit for the job. They are suffering from mental depression. Standing in the holy assembly this government said during the session last few months ago that the appointment will be done soon. But so far there is no sign appoint us” they said.

This government was changed with many hopes to look after the unemployed. Now it is being noticed that the government is pushing our future towards uncertainty” they added. 

But surprisingly, the demonstration of unemployed people for jobs in front of government offices on holiday is the first time in the history of the state. 

However there was no one to look and hear the protest demonstration.

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