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Kailasahar: Lawyer Sat On Hunger Strike Demanding Electricity

Lawyers sat on hunger strike demanding electricity service. The incident happened in Gobindapur area of ​​Kailashahar under Unakoti District. 

Asim Bhattacharya, a lawyer and senior citizen of the city, sat on a hunger strike in the balcony of the power department office against the private electricity service provider ‘Sai Computer’ of Kailashahar for not providing proper electricity service.

 While on hunger strike, Asim Bhattacharya faced press and expressed his anger that as per the pre- announcement, the electricity service was off in the entire Kailashahar subdivision from 9 am to 3 pm on Sunday. 

Asim Bhattacharya’s house along with all other parts of Kailashahar the electricity service was cut off after 5 minutes of at 3:30 pm.

Asim Bhattacharya immediately called the office of Sai Computer Company and complained. Asim Bhattacharya’s house was not visited for three hours by the employees of ‘Sai Computer’ Company to fix the electricity.

He himself came to the office of ‘Sai Computer’ Company around six in the evening and registered the complaint in writing. But surprisingly, Lawyer Asim Bhattacharya’s house is 400 meters away from Sai Computers office.

 Lawyer Asim Bhattacharya started a hunger strike by lying on the balcony of the office of ‘Sai Computer’ as no worker came to fix the electricity till nine o’clock at night. 

He said that he will go on hunger strike until the electricity service is restored in his home. Asim Bhattacharya started his hunger strike at the office balcony from nine o’clock, but any official of Sai Computer Company came till eleven o’clock at night in the hunger strike spot

Asim Bhattacharya did not call off his hunger strike even after the police officials explained a lot to him. 

After the hunger strike, at around 2:30 AM, the employees of the ‘Sai Computer’ company went to the house of lawyer Asim Bhattacharya and restored the electricity at 2:45 AM.

At last Asim Bhattacharya called off the hunger strike. He said that he will file a case against the organization for such harassment. 

“We are facing lots of problem due to the private electricity service provider” said the locals.

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