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Kanchanpur Visit: CM Biplab Deb Face Humiliation

CM Biplab kr Deb on Sunday faced an awkward situation during his kanchanpur visit to meet the family of slain Srikanta Das as locals including majority of women started questioning him over the recent incidents in the state. The CM Biplab deb who onced loved to be between people whenever he visited the far flung areas yesterday had to hide behind the security to avoid questions from the locals. Annoyed over the work of the work and administration and the recent activities taking place in the north district the locals showed their protest and questioned the CM over his silence. One of the local asked why the murderers of srikanta das were not arrested yet? The CM has to answer. The Bengalis are being arrested and jailed. The CM had remained silent whereas one after another incident of kidnapping is being done in the state.”

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