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Karnataka Election 2023 Exit Poll: Close Race Between Congress, BJP

As soon as the voting for 224 assembly seats in Karnataka is over, all the agencies and news channels have released the exit polls. The results of five exit polls are showing that Congress will form the government with absolute majority.

 Two exit polls claim that the BJP will return to power again. No one has got a clear majority in three other exit polls. 

Last time i.e. in 2018, polling was held in Karnataka on 12th May. The results were declared on 15 May. 

No party got absolute majority. Then the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) emerged as the single largest party. 104 candidates of BJP had won. On the second number, 80 candidates of Congress and 37 candidates of JDS won the elections. 

BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa took oath as Chief Minister, but could not prove his majority. Due to this, he had to leave the post only after six days. 

After this Congress and JDS together formed the government. JDS leader HD Kumaraswamy became the Chief Minister.

Kumaraswamy took oath as CM on 23 May 2018. However, later many MLAs of JDS and Congress left their party and joined BJP. On 26 May 2019, BS Yeddyurappa once again became the Chief Minister. 

On 28 July 2021, Basavaraj Bommai was made the Chief Minister in place of Yeddyurappa.  

A total of eight agencies released exit polls during the 2018 assembly elections. Of these, seven claimed a hung assembly, while one claimed BJP’s victory. 

The results turned out to be quite correct. Apart from India Today Axis My India, Times Now-VMR and India TV-VMR, all the agencies claimed BJP to be the single largest party. 

agency  B J P  CongressJDSOtherReport
India TV-VMR94972803Hung
ABV News-C Voters  110 882402Hung
Times Now-VMR87973503Hung
India Today – Axis My India851112600Hung
Times Now-Today Chanakya12073 26 03B J P
News X-CNX106753704Hung
news nation107733804Hung
Digvijay News 105803304Hung

Voting took place in Karnataka on Wednesday. A total of 65.69 percent people have exercised their franchise till 5 pm. 

After this ten agencies released the results of exit polls. According to two of these, the BJP will again form the government with a majority. 

Congress is showing close to majority in five. No one is seen getting absolute majority in others. However, other agencies have also claimed that Congress will emerge as the single largest party in Karnataka. At the same time, JDS can again prove to be the kingmaker. Overall, it seems to be the condition of 2018. 

However, then the BJP had emerged as the single largest party and this time the Congress is looking ahead. 

agencyB J PCongressJDSOther
Zee News – Matrix79-94103-11825-3302-05
Republic – P-Marque 85-10094-10824-3202-06
TV9 India – Pollstrat 88-9899-10921-260-4
ABP News – C-Voter 83-95100-11221-2902-06
News Nation – CGS1148621 03
Asianet Suvarna – Jan Ki Baat 94-11791-10614-240-2
Times Now – ETG 78-92 106-12020-26 02-04
India Tv – CNX80-90 110-12020-2401-03
Aaj Tak – Axis My India62-80122-14020-250-3
News 24 – Today’s Chanakya92120120

The votes will be counted and the results will be declared on 13 May 2023.

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