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Karnataka Polls: BJP Promises “Uniform Civil Code” In Manifesto

The BJP on Monday released its manifesto ‘Praja Dhvani’ for the May 10 assembly elections in Karnataka. 

Party President JP Nadda released it in Bengaluru. In the manifesto, the party has promised Uniform Civil Code.

Along with this, it has been announced to give half kg Nandini milk and 3 cooking gas cylinders free of cost to BPL families on Yugadi, Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has described this manifesto as development centric. 

He said that the good work done by the Karnataka BJP government in the state in the last four years, this manifesto will decide the direction to take them forward.

Uniform Civil Code
Uniform Civil Code (UCC) means – Uniform law for every citizen of India, irrespective of religion or caste. 

According to reports, in whichever state the UCC is implemented, the same law will be applicable for all religions in matters of marriage, divorce, adoption, inheritance, distribution of land and property. 

CM Basavaraj Bommai and BS Yeddyurappa were also present in the programme.

Other big announcements by BJP

  • Free one master health checkup in a year for all senior citizens.
  • Half a liter of Nandini milk and 5 kg food grains per day free to all the poor.
  • Fixed Deposit Plan for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe women.
  • Promised to bring a fund of 1500 crores to develop tourism circuit.

Apart from this, the party has promised a fund of Rs 30,000 crore for farmers to set up micro cold storage facilities, agro-processing units in each gram panchayat and modernization of agricultural produce societies .

BJP has promised citizenship to illegal immigrants and implementation of NRC. 

The NRC was started in Assam in 2013 under the supervision of the Supreme Court. At present it is not applicable in any other state except Assam.

Big promises of Congress

Griha Jyoti: 200 units of free electricity per month to each family

Griha Lakshmi: Rs 2000 per month to the female head of each household

Yuva Nidhi: Rs 3000 per month to every graduate and Rs 1500 to diploma holders

Anna Bhagya: 10 kg free rice every month to every BPL family

Free travel facility for women in Karnataka government buses

Meanwhile in Karnataka, promising to increase the salary of women working in Anganwadis Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi said that the salary of Anganwadi workers will be Rs 15,000, Anganwadi helpers will be Rs 10,000 and the salary of Asha workers will be Rs 8,000. 

She told that Rs 3 lakh will be given after retirement from Anganwadi and Rs 2 lakh after retirement from Anganwadi helper.

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