Karnataka Waiting For Saturday

The voters of Karnataka have given their verdict, which will be revealed after the counting of votes on Saturday. 

Till then speculation will continue on whether the exit poll results are right or wrong. As expected, the polling was by and large peaceful.

 Voting percentage was definitely less, but not so less that any major result can be drawn on the basis of it. 

At present, everyone’s curiosity is centered around those questions, whose answers are going to be received on the 13th.

 If those questions are kept aside, then in many ways these elections to the Karnataka Legislative Assembly were seen to be taking forward the old customs and policies, but in some ways they were also seen to be an opportunity to shape a new strategy.

A part of the results of these efforts will come out on May 13 as well, but the results in full will be clear in the next few years, when this new generation of state leadership will be in a position to give edge to the party. 

As for the Congress, after its victory in Himachal Pradesh, it tried to focus the elections in Karnataka on local issues as much as possible. 

The conduct of the party’s election campaign was also seen almost entirely in the hands of the local leadership. 

But the way the party turned around after BJP’s attacks on the issue of banning Bajrang Dal shows that the Congress has not yet overcome its dilemma whether to be aggressive or defensive on the issue of Hindutva. 

2024 Lok Sabha elections are coming closer. So there doesn’t have much time now. However, everyone is waiting for the results.

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