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Khowai: Drug Inspector Attacked While Investigating Unlicensed Drug Dealer

Drug Inspector attacked while investigating the allegation against an unlicensed drug dealer accused of playing with people’s lives.

Khowaii District Health Department Drug Inspector Subrata Das visited Navodaya School Chowmuhani in North Ramchandraghat sub-division on Friday to investigate a complaint.

According to the report Jatan Sil an unlicensed medicine seller, opened a shop at Navodaya School Chowmuhani in North Ramchandraghat and was selling date expired medicines to innocent people on a daily basis.

It is alleged that when the Drug Inspector went to Jatan Sills shop to start the investigation, he called some mafias over the phone and fatally attacked the drug inspector Subrata Das.

In an attempt to save his life, the drug inspector hurriedly got into the car and tried to escape from there, the miscreants chased the drug inspector’s car with some motorbikes.

Later, the car was seized at Raswaraj Chowmuhni in East Ramchandraghat and started indiscriminate vandalism.

Drug Inspector Subrata Das injured in the fatal attack. He was beaten severely through punches kicks and slaps . The miscreants also attacked the driver of the car, Sanjit Pal.

In the end, somehow, the drug inspector came from there with a car to save his life. The victim drug inspector Subrata Das and driver Sanjit Pal had to come to Khowai District Hospital for treatment.

The drug inspector filed a complaint with the police.

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