King-Devil And One More Controversy…

King-Devil controversy is a current topic in tripura politics. Significantly this time also, center point of the controversy is Biplab kr. Deb himself. Due to his controversial comments he is in the limelight since after his oath as Chief Minister of Tripura. In April 2018, Deb stirred nationwide controversy by claiming that internet and satellite existed since the Mahabharata era. He also made controversial remarks on the Civil Service Examination, stating that only civil engineers should sit for civil service exams. He also stated that international beauty pageants were a farce, and claimed that the decision to award Miss World  and Miss Universe titles to Indian women for five years in a row was market-driven rather than based on the beauty of the participants while questioning the rationale behind awarding Diana Hayden the Miss World pageant. Deb had stirred a controversy by saying Punjabis and Jats are physically strong but less brainy while Bengalis are known to be very intelligent. He claimed that Mughals intended to destroy the cultural wonders of the state by “bombing” its arts and architectures. He had made this faux pas while addressing a Civil Services Day function in State capital Agartala. “After pursuing mechanical engineering one should not go for Civil Services. Instead, civil engineers should join Civil Services as they have the knowledge and experience to help build administration and society.” Recently Mr. Deb slams his dissident in party as devil. Beside the opposition parties a section of his own party members opposing his statement. Four BJP MLAs including opposition CPIM and Congress criticized him and advised him to be respectful towards his colleagues and think about the future of the party in Tripura. According to the reports 26 out of 36 MLAs and 4 of 8 IPFT MLAs have been opposing Biplab Deb accusing him grouping vendetta and committing corruption in contract. Deb is also accused if being Power Hungary as he holds the portfolio of as nany as 27 important department like Health, Urban Development, PWD, and Home depriving other leaders since last 33 months. At least four berths of ministers in the cabinet are vacant till date and Chairmanship of 10 important PSUs were given to people close to him in the party. Traditionally these posts are given to the ruling party MLAs. Similarly most of the contracts have been given to the outsiders depriving the local agencies and Contractors which also angered the party men.

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