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Kisan Morca Leader Assaults Journalist- Snatched Camera In Bilonia

The media community continue to be sitting ducks for the miscreants perennially on the hunt for any one even distantly perceived to be enemy. In the latest outrage Rahul Saha, a journalist working in Santir Bazar area under Belonia subdivision of south Tripura, was today assaulted by the BJP’s ‘Kisan Morcha’ president Dibyendu Chowdhury who not only forcibly prevented Rahul Saha from collecting news but physically assaulted him . Rahul Saha alleged that the BJP’s ‘Kisan Morcha’ Dibyendu Chowdhury had also snatched away his mobile set and deleted all the photographs taken. Rahul was threatened with murder in case he tried to make this an issue. According to information gathered by the Assembly of Journalists (AOJ) the community hall in Santir Bazar area built by the previous left front government long ago is now in a very dilapidated condition and it becomes almost impossible to organise any programme therein during monsoon months because of seepage of water . But his has to be used as there is no town hall in Santir Bazar. This morning Rahul Saha gone to take photographs to write a report on the deplorable state of the community hall . It was at this time that Rahul Saha was assaulted and subjected to harassment by ‘Kisan Morcha’ president Dibyendu Chowdhury who also deleted all the pictures from his mobile , having snatched away the same. 

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