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Kumarghat Chariot Tragedy: Investigation Report Yet To Brought To The Public

Almost two and a half months are going to pass after the incident of chariot tragedy of incident in Kumarghat but the real matter of this incident has been buried like other incidents.

On the other hand, the administration has not revealed who are responsible for the chariot tragedy. Investigation of the Special Investigation Committee headed by the District Magistrate is yet to publish.

After the Kumarghat Chariot tragedy incident, Kumarghat Police took up a case. Eleven people have been identified as responsible for the incident in the police investigation so far, but the police have not yet arrested a single person.

The eleven persons who have been identified as responsible for the incident in the police investigation include the saints of the ISKCON-run temple as well as the officials of the committee formed to manage the chariots.

But even after that the police did not arrest any person. The inquiry into the ISKCON-led Reverse Chariot scandal at Kumarghat is also under water.

On the other hand, despite the death of 10 people in the incident, the police have not arrested any person responsible for the incident even after two and a half months already passed of the incident.

A temple of lrd Jagannath was established a few years ago in the Vivekananda Chowmuhani area of ​​Kumarghat. This Jagannath temple is managed by ISKCON.

On the occasion of Rath Yatra, Kumarghat ISKCON organized a large-scale Rath Yatra at Kumarghat under the supervision of lord Jagannath Dev Temple Management Committee

And ISKCON saints take the help of local people to conduct this Rath Yatra. The leaders of Kumarghat area managed the whole program.

Lord Jagannath Dev was kept at Jagannath’s aunt’s house adjacent to Kumarghat motor stand. But the tragedy occurred on the day of the reverse chariot.

From the Kumarghat motor stand, instead of coming in the opposite direction, the chariot proceeded on the national highway through the Kumarghat Block Chowmuhani area.

After going some distance along the national highway, the top of the chariot wass exposed to live electricity wire. In a moment the chariot started burning.

Seven people, including a child, died on the spot. Several people were injured. Three more of the injured died later.

On the night of the incident, the Chief Minister rushed to Kumarghat from Agartala. Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha visited the spot and inquired about the injured and the family members of the deceased. He also announced financial support.

Soon after the incident, the Chief Minister of the state directed the District Magistrate of Unkoti district to investigate the incident and submit a report.

But after almost two and a half months of the incident, who is responsible for this incident has not been brought to the public.

Meanwhile, after the incident, Kumarghat police took a suo motu case and started investigation, but police investigation is slow.

According to a source of the police of Kumarghat police station, the police of Kumarghat police station have so far summoned about twenty five people to the police station and interrogated them.

Eleven of these are identified as belonging to the reverse chariot movement. That is, in the eyes of the police, these eleven are guilty. However, the police investigation is still a long way to go. Among the eleven who have been identified as guilty in the police investigation are ISKCON saints as well as the names of chariot driver.

The people of Kumarghat could not know the answers to the questions on whose orders the Ulto Rath changed its road map on the day of the incident or what was the role of the police personnel in charge of security of the chariot during the change of the road map even after almost two and a half months of the incident.

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