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Lack Of Food: Militants Trying To Enter Tripura From Bangladesh Hideouts. Report

The Tripura state intelligence agency is reeling from the escape of five extremists trained from Bangladesh’s militant hideouts.

According to the media report, five militants escaped from the hideout of NLFT (BM) group in Chittagong district of Bangladesh on the morning of Independence Day last August 15 without weapons.

As soon as the news was received on August 16, the State Intelligence Police become proactive.

The activities of the State Intelligence Department began. Alert has been issued in various police station areas of the state near the Indo-Bangla border.

According to the report two years ago, five youths from the state joined the hideout of the NLFT (BM) group led by Bhamtuam in Bangladesh and got weapons training at the militant hideout.

Currently, five militants have fled from the militant hideout to return to their country due to lack of food there.

Reportedly these five militants are staying in Kochutila Hills of Bangladesh. It is reported that they are trying hard to enter the state through Chamnu, Manikpur and Anand Bazar.

The fugitive militants from Bangladesh are – Kantamohan Tripura, Getajoy Tripura, Mansub Tripura. They are from Ayakirai para Chamnu area of ​​Dhalai district of the state.

Himang Debbarma, from Khowai and Nokai Debbarma from Vathanganj are also in this group.

It is learned that all of them have expressed their willingness to surrender to the state police. Presently, as they do not have any kind of weapons, there is an obstacle in their surrender.

Meanwhile, when the news of this incident reached Sardar Bhamtuam of Bangladesh’s militant hideout, it was reported that the militant group is chasing them.

At present, there have been reports that the fugitive militants have been spending their days in the deep forest of Kachutila Hills for two days.

The information is said to be with the Border Security Force as well as the State Police Department.

Police and BSF along with the State Intelligence Bureau are constantly monitoring the movements of the fugitive militants.

It is believed that five militants can cross the border of Bangladesh and enter the state at any time.

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