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Lack Of Security Staff. 24-Hour Air Service Not Possible At MBB Airport: Govt In Assembly

“Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport has adequate infrastructure for 24-hour flight services. However, 24-hour air service is not possible at the moment due to the lack of personnel of the central paramilitary forces engaged in security” Transport Minister Sushanta Chowdhury said this in response to a notice published in a local newspaper by MLA Kalyani Saha Roy about the cancellation of 24-hour air service proposal during the reference session in the Legislative Assembly. 

He claimed that the problem will be resolved very soon through discussions with the Centre. 

He hoped for a permanent solution during his visit to Delhi in the first week of the April.

On this day, the Transport Minister said that the Maharaja Bir Bikram International Airport is one of the best among the states in the North-Eastern region. The airport has all kinds of modern infrastructure. But, it is not possible to provide 24 hours air service at the moment. Because there is a shortage of personnel of the central paramilitary forces engaged in security work.

 According to him, 342 CISF personnel are required for 24-hour air service. However, there are currently 230 CISF personnel at the airport.

He claimed that a letter was sent to the Union Home Secretary on March 18 in this regard. 

Union Home Ministry has been requested to consider sending required number of CISF jawans to Maharaja Bir Bikram International Airport. 

He hoped that very soon the Union Home Ministry would respond to the Tripura government’s request and 24-hour flight services would be launched.

To an additional question, MLA Kalyani Saha Roy said that many domestic and international flights fly through Tripura . But, emergency landing is not possible at Maharaja Airport at night. Hence, 24-hour flight services are essential to avoid major incidents. She added that many people come to Tripura in the morning and want to return at night after finishing their work. 

But, it is not possible as there is no night flight service. Hence, 24 hour service at Maharaja Bir Bikram International Airport is now the need of the hour. 

The Transport Minister expressed hope that the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Union Home Ministry will take necessary measures to solve the problem.

Addressing reporters outside the Assembly, the Transport Minister said that a letter will be sent directly to the Union Home Secretary in a couple of days. Moreover, he will visit Delhi in the first week of April and directly discuss the matter with the Union Home Secretary. 

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