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Last Day Tomorrow: Door To Door Covid Survey In AMC Area Not Possible In Three Days? Report

The ongoing survey for finding corona-carrying patients in the 49 wards of Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC) area is unlikely to produce the desired result on account of the shoddy procedure being followed. After a meeting with the DM (west) the subdivisional magistrate (Sadar) Asim Saha issued a circular on May 13, 2021 directing ‘Asha’ workers to conduct the survey by visiting houses to trace COVID afflicted or COVID carrying patients . A list of more than a hundred ‘Asha’ workers have also been attached to the circular issued by SDM (Sadar) with instruction that the survey will have to be completed latest by May 16, 2021 without any left-out house. That the size of the task is herculean and covering such a huge number of families within three days from May 14 to 16, 2021 is totally impossible perhaps did not occur to the authorities. Confronted by such a herculean task the hapless ‘Asha’ workers who have not yet received payment for the task they completed earlier area merely performing the rituals like asking house-holders whether there is any member in the family with usual COVID symptoms and whether they have undergone antigen tests. In almost all the cases the reply is negative and the ‘Asha’ workers also also subjected to abusive comments by the house-holders and family members who point out that without appropriate tests how they can furnish the replies because cold, mild fever, loss of appetite can occur for other normal diseases also . Thus the entire exercise is likely to prove futile as far as tracing COVID or COVID-carrying patients is concerned.

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