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Laws In The Country Are Made By RSS & Officers, Not By MPs-MLAs: Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said that the time has come for X-ray and MRI of India and we will get this work done as soon as we come to power. 

Rahul Gandhi was addressing Congress’ Janakrosh Yatra at Polaikalan in Shajapur district of Madhya Pradesh on Saturday.

Assembly elections are to be held in Madhya Pradesh in November. Congress is carrying out public protest yatras in the state. The yatras are being organized by dividing the state into seven sectors. Rahul Gandhi reached Polaikalan, the stop of his visit to the Malwa-Nimar region, on Saturday. 

In his speech of about 30 minutes, he strongly attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. He repeated the accusation on PM Modi of spreading hatred and dividing the country.

Along with PM Modi and Amit Shah, Rahul Gandhi lashed out at India’s leading industrialists Adani and Ambani. He did not take Ambani’s name even once in his entire speech, but targeted Adani by name several times. 

Targeting the Central Government and Prime Minister Modi over the Women’s Reservation Bill recently passed in Parliament, Rahul Gandhi said that Congress has expressed strong objection to two points of the bill.

The Congress leader said, ‘Modi and his alliance are cheating women. To implement the reservation system, the problem of survey and de-limitation has been deliberately created. It will take 10 years to do all this. The benefit will be available after ten years.’

He said, ‘When we asked to remove these two points from the bill, Modi moved left and right. Their leaders started talking nonsense’. 

He said, ‘In order to immediately implement the bill, when we asked to get the data of caste census conducted during the Congress government, Modi ran away. Amit Shah and BJP leaders started diverting the attention of the country by talking about this and that’.

Rahul Gandhi was referring to the caste census. He said, ‘As soon as Congress comes to power, it will first get this work (caste census) done.’

Rahul reiterated the theory of alleged second class treatment by Prime Minister Modi and his government towards the Other Backward Classes i.e. OBCs in the country. 

He said, ‘Laws in the country are made by RSS and officers, not by MPs and MLAs’

Modi repeatedly claims that he belongs to the OBC class, but neither he nor the BJP protects the interests of the OBC class. 

Reiterating his old allegation in Madhya Pradesh, Rahul Gandhi said, ‘There are 90 secretaries in the country. India’s budget is more than Rs 45 lakh crore. But a total of only 3 OBC secretaries have been given the opportunity to work. These three have the authority to allocate only 5 percent of the budget’.

Reminding the Kamal Nath government of Madhya Pradesh that the Kamal Nath government had made a law for 27 percent OBC reservation, Rahul Gandhi said, ‘BJP, which does politics in the name of OBC, punctured that law. Did not allow the law to take shape for his political interests’.

Rahul Gandhi said, in all the states where there are Congress governments, three Chief Ministers come from Other Backward Classes. Rahul Gandhi also listed the names of Chief Ministers of three Congress-ruled states in the meeting.

Rahul Gandhi lashed out at Madhya Pradesh government and BJP. The state government was described as the most corrupt government in the country. He enumerated other incidents ranging from Vyapam. 

He assured, ‘After coming to power in Madhya Pradesh, Congress will be the first to fulfill the incomplete tasks of 2018 as well as each of its promises and guarantees – like the governments of Karnataka, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Himachal Pradesh’.

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