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Left-Congress Alliance To Continue In 2024 Loksabha Polls, Tripura: Report

In the Tripura assembly elections held earlier this year, the Congress and the CPIM led Left Front contested together. 

However ruling BJP sweeps the Assembly Election. Congress definitely got three seats, but the seats of CPIM decreased from 16 to 11. 

Coming together of both did not make any difference in the vote percentage. Despite this, it is being told that the rapprochement between the Congress and the Left Front will continue. 

According to the media report, there is talk of both the parties fighting the next year’s Lok Sabha elections together. 

Tripura have two Lok Sabha seats and the BJP has won both. Despite this, if there is coordination between the two parties, then it will be a big deal.

It is being told that the Congress may be ready for the CPIM to contest both the Lok Sabha seats.

According to the report a tie-up in Tripura would mean both the parties staying together in West Bengal and the entire Northeast.  Then it will be interesting to see what is the formula for opposition unity in West Bengal. 

If Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s formula is worked out, that is, it is decided to field a candidate from the opposition on every seat, then an alliance of Mamata Banerjee’s party Trinamool Congress with the Congress and the Left will have to be formed. 

An alliance between the Congress and the Left or the Congress and the Trinamool would be easy, but an alliance between the Trinamool and the Left would not be not so easy.

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