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Less Test Less Case Load! Tripura Government Reduced Covid, Test Per Day, From 6000, to 1813

It’s fact! To reduce the case tally, tripura government reduced the covid19 test ratio. Once it was 6000 per day. Even in last week it was more than 3000. But its now decreasing day by day. On monday it was only 1813. Less than 2000. According to the analyst government trying to reduce covid case load by reducing test. On the other hand government also can show its success in covid management in this way, alleged the experts. But this experiment moreover decision can do the damage, analysts confirm. From 21 September to next 6 days rate of infection in the state was 15.89%, 11.02%, 8.78%, 10.45%, 8.97%, 12.06% and 10.69% respectively. Positivity rate is 6.51 per cent according to the official data.

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