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‘Let India Remain A Free Country’: Supreme Court Warns Police On Harassment Over Social Media Posts On Thursday

The Supreme Court has severely reprimanded the Kolkata Police of the Mamata government. The court rebuked that ordinary citizens cannot be tortured for criticizing the government. Apart from this, it also said, ‘Don’t cross the line, let India remain a free country. Everyone in India has the freedom to speak and we as the Supreme Court to protect free speech. The constitution created the Supreme Court for this reason to ensure that the states do not harass common citizens. ‘ This is the case of a woman resident of Delhi who was summoned by the Kolkata Police for an allegedly objectionable Facebook post. The woman had shared a picture of Kolkata’s crowded Raja Bazar area amid Corona epidemic and questioned the Mamata government’s laxity regarding the lockdown rules. The woman is 29 years old and her name is Roshni Biswas. She had filed a petition in Supreme Court against Advocate Mahesh Jethmalani against the decision of the Kolkata High Court. The High Court had asked the woman to appear before the Kolkata Police on the said Facebook post, in which she criticized the Mamata government for blown the lockdown in Raja Bazar area. Recently the Supreme Court said, ‘It looks like you want to tell the lady how dare you write against the government, we can drag her from any corner of the country in the name of summons.’

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