Like Human Other Elements Are Also Part Of The Ecosystem

Natural resources in India continued to be collected and consumed, but with the market-oriented economy, the craving for unlimited use of resources increased. 

During the British colonial period, the period of deforestation and mining for their own interests started and the gross exploitation of natural wealth started. 

Deforestation and construction of dams continues even today. It is sad that even a serious issue like environment is treated in a symbolic manner. 

The question of purity and cleanliness of the environment is related to life, but due to the connivance of power and the corporate world, there is a big threat to water, life and forests. 

As a result of ecological imbalance due to nature-eating attitude, now a days there are threats of natural calamities like excess rain, drought, flood, famine and storm. 

Species are disappearing. Biodiversity is declining. In less than half a century birds, mammals, fish, Amphibians and reptiles have decreased by an average of 68 percent. 

Protecting and restoring biodiversity and ecosystems is essential. 

From this point of view, it is being said by the United Nations to include the true value of nature in GDP.

Fifty percent of the trees have been destroyed in the effort to make agricultural land. Marine ecology has also changed due to drastic changes in the use of the sea. 

Due to the use of fertilizers and pesticides, chemicals are polluting the environment in huge quantities. Land is getting eroded. Forest cover is on the decline. 

The water level of the rivers is declining. Ground water level is decreasing. Glaciers are receding. Various types of gases are being emitted due to the change in lifestyle. The result of the conflict between nature and man is coming in the form of environmental crisis. 

Essential elements for life like air, water and food are coming under the grip of severe pollution. 

Due to the change in the weather, a situation like imposing emergency is emerging on the earth. Man dominating the earth has made the whole chain of natural resources tense.

The entire biological world is one unit and humans cannot be kept separate from it. Like other elements, it is also a part of the system of environment. 

That’s why we can move forward only by connecting with the overall nature and with harmony. 

In this direction, consumption and production are the only options within the limits of the earth. For this, a feeling of love for nature has to be created in the minds of the common man. 

Attention has to be paid towards water conservation, tree plantation and organic farming. 

Accepting the reciprocity of the living world, a sense of responsibility has to be awakened and a soulful relationship has to be built. The attitude of seeing nature and giving importance to it has to be changed. This should be our resolution on this Earth Day.

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