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Liquor Policy Case: CBI To Interrogate Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Tomorrow

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal spoke on Saturday after receiving summons from the CBI in the Delhi Liquor Policy case. 

He said that the BJP is shouting that there is a scam. The investigating agencies are engaged in its investigation leaving all the work. But can’t find anything. 

He targeted CBI, ED, Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He said, ‘These people arrested two ministers of our government. Their thinking was to arrest number two (Manish Sisodia) and number three (Satyendar Jain) so that they could strangle me. This is a conspiracy to trap forcibly. I want to say that Modiji if I am dishonest then no one is honest in the world.

CBI will interrogate Delhi CM Kejriwal on Sunday April 16
Former Deputy CM Manish Sisodia is in jail in Delhi liquor policy case. Now in this case, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has been called by CBI for questioning on 16th April. 

The investigating agency had issued the notice on April 14 i.e. Friday. 

On the other hand, a special session of the Delhi Legislative Assembly has been called on Monday i.e. 17th April.

8 allegations of Arvind Kejriwal

CM showed the report of ED’s investigation. Said that Manish Sisodia had 14 phones in the ED document, which Manish Sisodia broke. Now see Caesar memo of ED. They are saying that 4 of these phones are with the ED. One phone is with the CBI, in this way 5 phones are with the investigating agencies only. Rest 9 phones are also alive. They are calling them broken.

Somebody or the other is using this phone. Some volunteer is using it. ED and CBI also know about this. ED and CBI lied by giving affidavits in the court. Really nothing was found. Liquor scam is nothing. Tried to implicate Manish Sisodia by lying.

Everyday they catch one or the other, torture them. By threatening, giving third degree, Manish Sisodia asks to name Kejriwal. There is some Chandan Reddy, he was hit so hard. It is written in its medical report that the patient said that he was hit on 16 and 17 September, could not hear. On investigation, it was found that there was an injury in both the ears, the eardrums were torn. What was Chandan Reddy forced to say, what papers was he asked to sign? 

Arun Pillai is someone, he was threatened, tortured. Tortured statements from Sameer Mahendru, took statements from Manasvi, Roshan after torturing them.

There is such a person, who was kept sitting in a room. His wife and father were kept sitting in the other room. Forcing you to sign. What is going on There is a person who was told how does your daughter reach college tomorrow.

 He has two daughters. There is a person, whose lawyer stood in the court and said that my client is being pressurized to name the politicians of Delhi. This investigation is going on.

After a year-long investigation, they allege that a bribe of Rs 100 crore was taken and given. Where is the 100 crore rupees now. More than 400 were raided. No money, no jewelery was found. Manish Sisodia’s house got raided. Torn the mattresses of their house. Then said that money was used in Goa elections. 

Asked the vendor there. All payments were made by cheque. If bribe was taken, where did the money go? Nothing was found with those vendors.

Delhi’s liquor policy is the best. Corruption would have ended. This policy was implemented in Punjab. Revenue increased by 50 percent. I want to tell Modi ji that Modi ji……if Kejriwal is corrupt, so there is no one honest in the world.

For such a person who is the Prime Minister of the country, whose head to toe is covered with corruption, corruption is not an issue for him. I had listed many cases of corruption in the assembly. Then Sanjay Singh messaged and said that the next number is yours. 

Yesterday Satyapal Malik said that Modi ji is not averse to corruption. He was special to Modi ji, he became the governor of Meghalaya, Goa and Jammu and Kashmir. He told that some Chief Ministers indulge in corruption. They send money up, who invest in friends’ companies.

BJP called Kejriwal the kingpin of the liquor scam
Half an hour before Kejriwal’s press conference, BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia spoke to the media at the party headquarters. 

He said- Kejriwal is going to hold a press conference at 12 o’clock. That’s why we thought that some public questions should be asked to them. Bhatia called Kejriwal the kingpin of the liquor policy scam. Also asked some questions.

First question: Is it not true that there is a cabinet meeting for the liquor policy, which took place on 5 February 2021. You were presiding over the cabinet meeting as the chief minister. 

You constituted a GoM, which included Manish Sisodia and Satendra Jain. So you tell me that you were presiding over the meeting in which this liquor scam was hatched, so why shouldn’t you be blamed.

Second question: Did you talk to Sameer Mahendru, the main accused in the Liquor Policy case through face time through Vijay Nayyar or not?

Third question: What is your relationship with liquor contractors?

Fourth question: You were saying that this liquor policy is very good. This will be of great benefit. So tell me that if the liquor policy was so good then how did it come back?

Fifth question: On 25 October 2021, a notice was given to Indo Spirits by your government that a complaint has come against you, your companies are blacklisted companies. You are running a cartel. Reply within 7 days. Did the reply come in 7 days? Tell me what action you have taken in 1.5 years?

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