Livelihood Of Common People Must Be Continued

The third wave of the epidemic has taken a formidable form. The way restrictions are being implemented in Delhi, Maharashtra and other states. 

The economy is being affected once again. The big challenge before the government at this time is that economic activities should not come to a standstill in some way or the other. 

At a time when the country’s economy had not fully recovered from the damage caused by the second wave of the corona epidemic, all hopes have been dashed due to the third wave. 

Inflation figures are disturbing. For the last two years, the income of every person has decreased due to the epidemic, Millions of people’s jobs have been taken away. 

People associated with the tourism and services sector were expecting the farewell of the second wave. 

Crowds of people were gathering hope at the tourist places. Dreams of attracting tourists were being decorated due to snowfall at mountainous tourist places. 

Even though tourists arrived, the tourism sector has been affected again due to the sudden doubling of corona cases. 

Growth in factory output fell to its lowest in nine months. 

The data of all the regions is a warning and also a warning to the central government. 

Now the biggest question is what steps should be taken to give impetus to the economy before presenting the budget and in the budget. 

The Consumer Price Index data shows that retail inflation has hit a five-month high in December. 

There is no doubt that the policies of the government are very sensitive in times of inflation. 

Talking to the Chief Ministers of the states. In a meeting with the Chief Ministers of the states, the Prime Minister has given many mantras to fight against Corona.  

The most important thing that the Prime Minister said that to maintain the pace of the economy, it would be better to pay more attention to local containment. 

The meaning of the words of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is how to keep the sources of livelihood of the people safe during the pandemic. 

The problem of Delhi, Mumbai and other small and big cities is that it is not easy to deal with the congestion on the roads. 

The biggest compulsion in front of millions of people is to earn and eat daily. Lakhs of people work in small industries, factories. 

It is difficult for street vendors, that such restrictions stop their source of income. 

Till now metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai are escaping from complete lockdown. 

Most of the states have imposed only night curfew so far. The problem is also with states like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa where the process of elections has already started. 

Crowd control is a big challenge during election days. Lakhs of people are gathering in religious fairs. 

So who can stop the infection from spreading? In Delhi, it was decided to close the private offices. Eating while sitting in restaurants, Hotels is prohibited. But we have to take care that the restrictions do not create deep social disparities. 

The country has been doomed to face economic crisis in the last two years. The situation is very delicate at this time in terms of employment. It is now clear that the pandemic is not going to end soon. 

We have to live with Corona. It would be better that the restrictions should be strictly implemented in the areas where the effect of corona is high or which are containment zones. 

Such practical steps should be taken so that life also goes on and can survive through the livelihood of the people. 

The public should also be aware of their responsibility so that no decision of the governments should make people feel ruthless. 

If the crowd continues to swell in the markets like this and people keep roaming without wearing masks, then there is no justification for the restrictions. 

State governments will also have to improve the system of testing, tracking and treatment and make long-term policies of restrictions. 

People also have to be cautious after coming under any stress. If people do not cooperate, then the livelihood of the common man will not be safe and living will be in trouble. 

Do not leave the house unnecessarily until the third wave is gone.

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