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Low Quality Work: Singlum-Bhangmun Road Become ‘Dangerous’

The condition of Singlum-Bhangmun important road in Jampui hills become dangerous. Under the supervision of central agency NSIDCL, construction of low-quality retaining walls by construction company and unscientific alignment are also causing road collapses. 

Kanchanpur Sub-Divisional Magistrate Rahul Modi has already ordered JSR Private Limited, the construction company of the road, to stop the construction work due to poor quality of work. 

Meanwhile, due to continuous rains, the soil of the hill is collapsing but the officials of the organization are missing as the work is stopped. 

In this situation, there has been a tension in the case of stopping the construction of Singlum-Bhangmun national highway under the control of JSR Private Limited of Hyderabad. 

It should be noted that a few days ago, due to unscientific cutting of hill soil for road construction, Taxi village of Jampui hill has been almost isolated. The main road of the village is collapsing. Many families have been evicted.

So far the experts have not found any way to solve the problem. The way the village is land-lighted, there is a danger that the entire village will collapse at any time. 

Meanwhile, there are allegations of unprecedented scam in the name of construction of Singlum-Bhangmun road. It is said that after long complaints from the administration, the construction company JSR has stopped the construction work of the road after conducting an investigation on the ground. 

Locals complain that the construction company of NSIDCL, a central agency, destroyed the entire road in the name of building a new road through the outsider construction company.

Another complaint against the construction company is that it is destroying the environment by installing stone crushing machines at government place in Bhangmun. 

In addition, there is no signboard anywhere near the construction work despite the construction work of crores of rupees. As a result, common people do not understand how much the work is allocated. 

Besides, the quality rod cement stone chips which are supposed to be used as per government contract are not being used. 

It is seen that instead of machuat stone in road construction, the construction company is using low quality stone from Mizoram.

As a result, the road may collapse at any time. But this work is being supervised by the Government of India’s Road and Transport organization.

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