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Maha Nabami Puja Performed In Durgabari, Agartala

Mahanavami puja has been performed in Durgabari Agartala on the ninth day of Durga puja started from Mahalaya.

Devotees offers anjali to goddess durga on Mahanavami on Monday.

The Puja of Maha Nabami is known as Shardia Mahapuja. In the Kalika Puran, it is said, Navamang Bolidantu Karttabyang vai Yathavidhi. Japong Homanch Vidivat Kuryattatra Vibhutaye. (Tithitattva)- i.e. one should perform regular sacrifices on Navami Tithi to get Vibhuti. Japa and jaggna are done with it. In this case Japa means Chandipatha and Chandijapa.  

There are 7 kalpas prescribed for this puja – worship is done in any kalpa according to one’s ability. The puja performed from Krishna Navami in Bhadra month to Mahana Navami in Ashin month is called Navamadi Kalpa. 

The worship that can be done from Shukla Pratipada to Mahanavami of the month of Ashin is Pratipada Kalpa, from Ashin Suklashasthi to Mahanavami, Shasthyadi Kalpa, from Saptami to Mahanavami, Saptamyadi Kalpa, from Mahashtami to Mahanavami, Ashtamikalpa only on Mahashtami day, and Navamikalpa on Mahanavami day; These seven precepts are mentioned. Its perpetuity is proved by these sevenfold Kalpa. 

All Tithis from Shasthi to Navami are called ‘Maha’ Tithi. Although according to the Shastras, ‘Maha’ is added to the tithis of Durga Puja to impose greatness, which gives great satisfaction in speech, but according to the tithis it is a misuse of words. 

Kalikapurana mentions Durga Puja as Mahotsava. Where only ‘Mahanbami’ is mentioned. That verse says, ‘Tatenu Navami Ja Satsa Mahanavamismrita. Sa Tithi: Sarvalokanang Pujaniya Shivpriya..’ It is clear from this that Navami after Mahashtami is the ‘Mahanavami’ puja date of Sarvaloka-Pujaniya Shivpriya. Therefore it is completely scriptural to say Mahanavami. 

The most popular form of Durga Puja is Shashtadi Kalpa. According to this rule, Mahanavami puja is the last puja. The Sankalp of ’till Mahanbami ‘ is adopted. Chandipath, Durganam chanting up to Mahanavami is decided on the day of Bodhan. 

Similarly Mahanavami ends the planned Mahapuja of the Goddess through jaggna. Then Dasami Puja is only a short puja to bid farewell to the goddess.  

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