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Manipur Incident Due To Long Series Of Govt Deprivation: TSF

Unexpected fratricidal riots between Meiteis and Kukis in Manipur resulted in loss of life and damage to both communities. TSF and other tribal student organizations are deeply shocked and saddened by this unfortunate incident in Manipur. 

TSF, TMSYCCO, TJSUP jointly held a press conference at Agartala Press Club on Tuesday.

General Secretary of TSF John Debbarma said that the administrative failure of the BJP-ruled Manipur government is entirely responsible for the untoward incident. Because, this incident not organized in a day. Behind this incident there is a long series of government deprivation and negligence. 

“The Naga, Kuki and Meitei communities living in the hills and valleys of Manipur have been agitating for a long time for their various democratic demands. But the concerned government has practically ignored those demands instead of addressing them seriously. And to hide the failure of the government on various pressing issues of the people, it has indirectly allowed the demands of different communities to be taken into conflicting positions with each other” He said.

“On the other hand, separatist forces have been able to use this opportunity to fuel communal divisions, hatred and conflicts between different communities more smoothly. As a result of which today the state of Manipur is in a fiery situation” Said GS of TSF.

” In this situation, demand to Manipur government and central government to take initiative to restore peace and normal environment in Manipur as soon as possible. And free peace talks should be arranged with the leaders of all the communities in Manipur. People without home should be rescued and rehabilitated with adequate security” added the student Organizations. 

The leaders of the organizations claimed that adequate compensation should be given to the victims. 

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