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Matter Will Be Investigated: GBP Medical Super On Expired Blood Incident

Medical Superintendent of main referral hospital of the state GBP Hospital finally opened up about 2 cases of expired blood pushing to patient.

Addressing a press conference at GBP hospital on Thursday he said the incident will be investigated.

The question is whether the report will come forward even if it is investigated?

The Superintendent did not say who will conduct the investigation and how long the report will be submitted.

The most surprising thing is that GBP Hospital Superintendent Dr. Shankar Chakraborty also tried to justify the blood bank employee in charge.

Thursday was the weekly press conference of GB Hospital super. Head of state

Notably a few days ago, a case of giving expired blood to a patient in the trauma center of GBP Hospital came to the fore. And a doctor in charge identified the case of pushing expired blood.

Journalists highlighted the issue of expired blood at GB Hospital’s weekly press conference on Thursday.

Medical Super Shankar Chakraborty said, the matter will be investigated. However, what he said, the blood collected from the blood donation camp is written after the date of collection and how long it can be used.

Maybe the expiry date is written as October 28 instead of November 24 by mistake, he said.

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