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Maximum Temperature Declines, Winter Back In Tripura

The sporting of winter is not over yet. One day the minimum temperature goes down the next day the maximum temperature shoots up. Raindrops fall in the clear blue sky to make it haze. The sun hides to stop temperature to rise. It’s practically difficult to predict the movement of nature. It moves at its whims. It seems the outgoing winter has come back for a while with last 24 hours’s dramatic fall in maximum temperature by 4.2 degree Celsius. According to Met office the minimum and maximum temperature recorded in Agartala are 13.3 and 23.5 degree Celsius as against last 48 hours’s 11.3 degree and 27.7 degree Celsius respectively. The weather is showing a peculiar set of records where the maximum temperature has sunk by 4.2 degree Celsius while minimum temperature has risen by 2 degree Celsius giving a feeling of mid winter amid in its outgoing edge. The maximum temperature of next 24 hours will be 3.5 degree Celsius higher than last 24 hours. The maximum and minimum temperatures are expected to be at 14 and 27 degree Celsius respectively.

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