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Medical Negligence: Overdose Of Vaccine Given To New Born In IGM Hospital

Child become victim of gross negligence of health worker. Four vaccines were pushed into the child’s body at a time. Family members of the child strictly protests this incident.

On Wednesday, Puja Shil came from Udaipur with her infant son for polio vaccine in IGM Hospital. The MPW worker was then prescribed by the doctor to push one vaccine in hand and one vaccine in leg of the child. And also asked to feed two drops of polio. 


But the accused MPW worker Mandira Ghosh allegedly administered four vaccines to the child in both arms and legs without carrying the polio card. 

The child’s mother tried many times to convince the MPW worker but She did not listen.

Finally, when the child’s mother and other family members became agitated, they were pushed out from the doctor’s room. And asked why she came to the hospital to take polio. It is also alleged that she started abusing in obscene language.

Later, the children’s family members became excited. Then the accused MPW worker Mandira Ghosh ran away from the chair. 

Meanwhile, the doctor in charge said that there was a vaccine left after the child was born. Apart from this, two more oral vaccines were in the schedule card . But the health worker in charge increased the risk of the child as a result of such negligence. 

Later the pediatrician has been informed. He examined the child’s physical condition. The doctor said that ‘the child has no physical problems now’. 

However Mothers of other children have lost faith on the health workers and doctors on duty at IGM Hospital due to allegations of medical negligence against a health worker of the IGM Hospital. 

The incident has caused intense anger among the family of the child.

The child’s family has warned that they will file a case if anything happen.

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