Migrant Workers: A Vote Bank, But..

Yes.. definitely migrant Workers are a large vote bank for the politics and the politicians. Migrants are an invisible part of the economic landscape, disadvantaged by absence of voting rights. Their number has been growing fast over the last two decades. The government’s Economic Survey in 2017 estimated an annual average flow of interstate migrants at about 9 million in the period 2011-16. Even migrants who stay on for good struggle to get registered locally as voters as the attendant paperwork to transfer their rights is cumbersome. To put their plight in perspective, compare the enthusiasm with which political parties take up the cause of NRI voting and their indifference towards domestic migrants. But question is that why migrated peoples are in distress all though they are a large ‘vote bank?’ Its a fact that, when the lockdown was declared in April its possible effects on migrant workers was overlooked, resulting in a pitiful exodus on foot that not only turned into a humanitarian disaster, but may also have spread Covid-19 far and wide across India. How can india overlook this fact?

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