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Miscreants Not Allowing To Open Shop: Businesses On Hunger Strike With Family

Due to post poll violence a businessman went on hunger strike with his family as the miscreants not allowing him to open his shop. 

This businessman belongs from the Assembly Constituency of former Deputy CM Jishnu Debbarma. Significantly the victim Anwar Hossain is a former member of Minority Morcha of BJP Charilam Mondaol.

According to the report miscreants organized attacks on his shop and house several times after the poll results. So become fed up, this businessman sat on a hunger strike in front of his shop in the market with placard hanging around his neck. 

His children, parents and wife joined him in the hunger strike. Demanding the attention of the government, to give opportunity to open his shop. 

He is fed up with the harassment of the Mondol leaders in the area.  Anwar Hossain said that “since the announcement of the results of the assembly elections, BJP backed goons have been continuously attacking him. He is not even allowed to open the shop. The shop was closed by BJP miscreants after it opened on March 29. Why i opened the shop without informing the Mondol office, they asking me”.

Later, in writing, his mother told the Mondol office that the hardware store should be allowed to open. But 5 days have passed and his shop is not allowed to open. When he came to reopen the shop on Monday, he found that the miscreants had broken all the locks so that Anwar could not open the shop. 

Month of Chaitra to end. I have to pay to the Mahajans. Moreover have to pay bank loan. But they are not allowing me to open my shop” said the helpless businessman. 

He also said that he was a member of Mondol Committee and Hajj Committee of the area. It is alleged that when he was a mondol leader, he was fired and jailed for 12 days with a false case for protesting against the corruption of BJP workers in the area. Ten days before the elections, he left the BJP and joined the CPIM. 

Meanwhile pedestrians questioning on the role of local police administration in this incident and allegations of the businessman.

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