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Miserable Condition Is Going On In The State Due To Lack Of Work & Food: Tripura Congress

“A miserable situation is going on in the state due to lack of work and food. In this situation, the government launched an attack on the people”

Pradesh Congress president Ashish Kumar Saha made such a complaint in a press conference organized at Pradesh Congress Bhavan on Friday. 

He said, currently the state is witnessing a chaos in the midst of the festival. Serious setbacks have been brought down in people’s preparations for this festival. Commodity market prices have risen abnormally.

“Purchasing power is out of reach. As a result people have no money. People have lost the will to indulge in the joy of worship. Despite the chief minister’s order not to extort money, some puja entrepreneurs are making the drivers miserable. There is no change. Although the police administration has been ordered to obey the chief minister, no one has been arrested so far” he said..

He said, the religion is for everyone, the festival will be for everyone. He complained that this message is being disrupted again and again during the current government. Various activities of the government have created panic among the people. It is not desirable. The government is cheating people in the name of canvas bags through ration shops. 

The PCC president said that what is being propagated is not in reality. Instead of subsidizing food items, commission is being imposed on people in the name of trade. The government is running a campaign to fool the common people. This was strongly protested by the state Congress president. 

PCC president demanded to provide free ration materials. Alleging against the government, he said that corruption has reached extreme limits during the tenure of this government. 

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