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Misrule And Anarchy In Tripura: Pradesh Congress To Organized Hunkar Rally On Friday

The Tripura Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) have appealed to all sections of people, specially Congressmen and women to join the ‘Hunkar Rally’ being organized tomorrow in front of the Rabindra Shata Varshiki Bhawan against the ‘misrule and anarchic conditions’ created in Tripura as well as in the whole country by the BJP governments in state and Centre. The rally will be addressed by the all India president of ‘Mahila Congress’ and former MP Sushmita Deb.
In a statement the vice president of TPCC and party spokesperson Tapas De explained the background of the meeting , saying the BJP governments in Centre and Tripura have unleashed anarchy on the people . On the BJP’s misrule in Tripura Tapas De said that the party with its sectarian and fascists policies has been destroying Tripura , “They gave 299 tall promises in their so-called vision document released before the assembly election and among them only one has been fulfilled-that too very partially but no other promise has been fulfilled ” said Tapas , adding that ‘promises like government job with a missed call , regularization of all contingent and DRW employees, two hundred days MGNREGA work with wage of Rs 340.00 per head now stare back at BJP derisively’. 
Tapas strongly condemned the ‘state terror’ unleashed on peacefully agitating 10,323 retrenched teachers  on January 27 and asserted that it was essentially because of the bureaucratic incompetence that so many teachers had lost their jobs but the previous left front at least tried to make alternative arrangement by creating non-teaching posts for them but that was also sabotaged by BJP. They brazenly broke their promises given in vision document and by the chief minister to resolve the problems of the unfortunate teachers . “BJP did not have the slightest goodwill to protect the jobs , otherwise they could easily accommodate the teachers in non-teaching posts by a simple cabinet decision or by honouring their own affidavit in supreme court in stead of harping on interview to manipulate the entire process” said Tapas. 
He also accused the BJP of totally destroying Tripura’s economy and selling all faclilties in the state to private agencies from outside. He added that in all matters from government jobs to businesses Tripura is now the ‘Kamdhenu’ for the outsiders and the ministers are lining their pockets. Tapas appealed to all the people of the state to join tomorrow’s ‘Hunkar Rally’ to register their protest against the misrule of BJP and begin a ‘liberation struggle’ to rid the state of BJP menace.    

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