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Mission Gaganyaan: Female Robot ‘Vyommitra’ To Be Send In Space

After the success of Chandrayaan-3, ISRO is focusing on the Gaganyaan project. A spacecraft will be sent to space under this mission in the first or second week of October. 

Its purpose is to decide that at the time of manned mission, this spacecraft returns from the same route from which it has gone. 

Union Science and Technology Minister Jitendra Singh said this in a private channel conclave on 26 August.

Jitendra Singh said that after the successful testing of the spacecraft, the female robot Vyommitra will be sent into space. Vyommitra will be able to do all the activities like humans.

 He said- If everything goes well, we will go ahead with it and send manned missions. He said – bringing back the astronauts is as important as sending them.

India’s mission Gaganyaan

ISRO will send two initial space missions towards the end of the year as part of its first human space-flight mission, Gaganyaan. 

One of the missions will be completely unmanned. In the second mission, a female robot named Vyommitra will be sent.

The purpose of the initial mission is to decide that the Gaganyaan rocket will return safely from the same route, that is, only after its success, humans will be sent to space in 2024.

Two humans can be sent in the space flight of the third mission. These people will stay in space for 7 days. 

For the mission, four pilots of the Indian Air Force were sent to Russia and trained at the Space Training Center.

These astronauts going into space will be called Gaganauts. One of the four pilots of the Indian Air Force is a Group Captain. 

The remaining three are wing commanders, who are being groomed for the Gaganyaan mission. Now they will be given training of Gaganyaan module in Bangalore.

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