Misuse Of Govt Agencies In Democratic System

Amid the raid on journalists associated with a news portal, arrest of some and then the arrest of AAP MP Sanjay Singh, questions are being raised in the country on the misuse of government agencies for political convenience in the democratic system. 

The top court of the country has been raising questions from time to time on the functioning of the agencies which have become political weapons. 

Sometimes the court called the agency a caged parrot and sometimes raised questions about the continuously increasing tenure of top officials in these agencies, contrary to the rules. 

In the last few months, such a dispute has been much talked about between the apex court and the government. 

Undoubtedly, when any particular or general action is taken against the established order of the country or the law, If allegations are made of indulging in anti-national activities against the economy or society, then there should be sufficient evidence against him. 

The allegations should be logical. The basis of the allegation should not be the likes and dislikes of the political masters. Then in a democracy, tolerance towards the opposition and people associated with different streams of media only enhances the dignity of the ruling party or government. 

In democracy the people have supremacy, Not of the system. Those in power should recognize that alert opposition and sharp-edged media are also the protectors of democracy. 

But here the opposition of political parties should also be logical and in accordance with the interests of the public. 

Allegations should not merely be a means of cornering the ruling party for political purposes. 

That means there should not be opposition just for the sake of opposition. Lakshman Rekha has also been set for the media. Its basis for protest should also be credible and accountability should be towards the public. 

At the same time, it should be neutral even in the matter of any political ideology. The irony is that the round of allegations and counter-allegations continues on the basis of fabricated facts. 

The race to prove half-truths as truth continues. Here the question is also about transparency and impartiality of government agencies. 

All these controversies show the need for utmost prudence and transparent behavior of all the parties.  

On Thursday, sharp questions were asked to the ED in the apex court on questions related to the arrest of former AAP minister Manish Sisodia in the alleged corruption controversy in the liquor policy. 

Questions are raised on the logic of the allegations and why Manish Sisodia has been made an accused when he has no direct role in the case. 

The Supreme Court said that the case of the investigating agency should be based on solid evidence otherwise the case will fall in two minutes during cross-examination. 

The court said that if Manish Sisodia’s role is not in the money trail then why is Sisodia included among the accused in money laundering. 

The court said that money laundering is a separate law. Also, ED should prove that Sisodia was involved in the property case. Anyway, Now the court will hear his bail plea on October 12. 

Meanwhile, the court also raised questions on the credibility of government witnesses. The court said that the case should be prepared on the basis of solid evidence. Cases cannot be prepared on the basis of guesswork. 

The court said that bureaucrats should consider the instructions of the political executive judiciously. 

The court asked why there was a difference between the amount estimated in the CBI charge sheet and the amount mentioned in the ED report in the alleged liquor policy scam case. 

The court also raised the question that if a particular political party has benefited from the new liquor policy, then why was that party not included in this case? 

On the other hand, during the appearance of AAP MP Sanjay Singh in the court, the court asked many sharp questions regarding the working style of ED. 

Also asked why his custody is necessary. Regarding which the ED’s argument was that the evidence found from the MP’s house, It is necessary to inquire about the questions related to them. 

However, in such cases the agencies should take action on a logical basis.

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