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Mizoram-Tripura Border Dispute: Amit Shah’s Intervention Demands Bru-Chakma Leaders Of Tripura

Mizoram has claimed over a village named Phuldungsei in Jampui Hill in North Tripura district. They have forcefully conducted a village council election in the said village and have included it within their state territory. The village of Phuldungsei in Jampui Hill in North Tripura district has always been a part of Tripura and in whatsoever has never been a part of Mizoram. Therefore, we demand that a border amicable solution be undertaken immediately under the supervision of the union home ministry”, In a letter to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, jointly writes, The social organization including the Bru Socio-Cultural Organization (BSCO), Young Bru Association (YBA), Young Chakma Association (YCA), Chakma National Council of India (CNCI), Tripura Chakma Students Association (TCSA) and Tripura Chubalai Buthu (TCB). The Mizoram government has ‘undemocratically’ and by-passing the mechanism of secularism of Indian Constitution destroyed a Shiva Hindu Temple at Phuldungsei and a Buddhist Temple at Kanpui in Jampui Hill in North Tripura District, the leaders alleged. They have forcefully planted a sign of Christianity in place of the said location which further flares communal violence between different sects of the Community practicing the said religions. Therefore, we demand that such forceful removal of religious signs be restored immediately”, the letter handed over to EastMojo reads. The Mamit district magistrate Dr Lalrozama had issued a prohibitory order along the inter-state border claiming the Phuldungsei village as part of Mizoram, however later on October 18, the order was revoked, which was issued following an attempt to build a Shiv temple in the village by Tripura residents. On October 19 and 20, an organization called Songrongma in Tripura planned to build a Shiva temple at Betlingcchip also known as Thaidawr Tlang locally. The Bru leaders further demanded amicable border solution stretching in the entire 66 Km between Mizoram and Tripura under the supervision of the Union Home Ministry and demarcation to be accomplished based on Assam Tripura ancient geography boundary line. “The Government of Mizoram should be barred from interfering and destroying a religious place of worship inside Tripura which does not concern their interest except to forcibly occupy and integrate other land”, the letter sent to the union home minister reads.

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