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Mob-Police Clash: Tension Erupted In Assam-Tripura Border

There was intense tension on the Tripura-Assam border on Saturday due to smuggling. Assam police attacked by mob in Tripura. Police failed to handle the situation. Agitated mobs on the two borders, blocked traffic on the alternate national highway NH 208. 

According to the details of the incident, a vehicle loaded with logs entered Tripura illegally from Assam late on Friday night.

 According to sources, the mafia took away the car by threatening the Tripura police. However, freight vehicles cannot ply on this road. The gate was closed after nine o’clock at night. No passenger vehicles can ply. 

But the complaint is that cars carrying drugs and lorries loaded with illegal goods enter Tripura at night And Tripura’s mafia is behind it. 

But the people of Assam’s border area started gathering on Jherjheri border from Saturday morning, wondering how the car crossed illegally.

However, there is a hint of border trade mafia. Badrul Haque, another mafia Tripura border, had an argument with him at the Jherjher check point. Badrul Haque attacked a lawyer from border area of ​​Assam named Kamrul Pasha Chowdhury when he came to the scene and spoke to the media about the business of smuggling cement. 

In view of this incident, when the Assam police came to the Jherjheri check post of Tripura border and wanted to nab Badrul, he ran away. 

When the Assam Police entered the border of Tripura and tried to arrest Badrul from his house, the villagers attacked the Assam Police. Two Assam police officers were injured. Beating with shoes. And bricks are thrown. 

Local people of Tripura say why the Assam Police tried to arrest the person illegally without informing the Tripura Police about the whole matter. 

In this incident, the people of the border areas of Assam Jherjheri gheraoed the check post. 

Vehicular movement was closed on this road. The police of the two states are trying to bring the situation under control. There is tension. 

The youths of the two states are standing on the border eyeing each other. Locals are demanding immediate deployment of additional paramilitary forces along the border of the two states.

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