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Modi Addresses Party Workers On Foundation Day Of BJP

BJP celebrated its 44th foundation day on Thursday. On this occasion, PM Modi addressed the workers for 45 minutes. 

Thursday wad Hanuman Jayanti also, so he mentioned the working style of BJP by giving examples of his works. He said that BJP acts like ‘Can Do’ attitude of Hanumanji and also tries to help everyone.

PM talked about Jansangh and today’s BJP. Said that the workers should not be overconfident. Connect with people. 

He targeted the Congress and other opposition parties. Said that these parties are not able to digest the work of BJP. These desperate people are saying that Modi, your grave will be dug. He also shared the future plan of BJP with the workers.

Modi said, ‘I bow down to the workers and leaders of the great people who have nurtured, enriched and empowered the party till date.’ BJP

Modi’s Messages to workers:

BJP takes inspiration from Hanumanji:

 ‘Hanumanji can do everything, does it for everyone, but does nothing for himself. This is the inspiration of BJP. There is one more inspiration. When Hanumanji had to face the demons, he became stern. When it comes to corruption, nepotism, law and order, BJP becomes equally determined to free Maa Bharti.

If we look at the whole life of Hanumanji, his inner can do attitude and determination power play a big role in every kind of success. Which work is difficult in the world, which is not there, you did not find it. There is no work that Hanuman cannot do. When Laxman was in trouble, Hanuman brought Sanjeevani mountain. BJP has also been making such efforts to solve the problems of the people, will continue to do so. Who is Ram’s work without Mohi, where is rest.

Desperate opposition saying- Modi will dig your grave: 

‘When they did not succeed by making fun of us, the hatred of people with imperial mentality increased further. He had not thought that the sun of peace would rise in Kashmir and the North East, which have been facing violence for decades. He did not imagine that Article 370 would become history. The works which were not done for decades, how the BJP is doing them, it is not digesting them.
‘These people full of hate are telling lies. Seeing their corrupt deeds exposed, they are restless and filled with despair. So disappointed that there is only one way out. They are openly saying that Modi will dig your grave. they are threatening to dig graves

Common people are standing as BJP’s shield today:

 ‘These people with imperialist mentality and the parties do not know one thing. Today the country’s poor, common man, youth, mothers-sisters, exploited-deprived everyone is standing as a shield to feed and protect the lotus of BJP. But our emphasis is on development, welfare of the countrymen.

4. Spoke as much as I could in one breath:

” I keep on giving figures. I tell about 15-20 days. After GST, a collection of 18 lakh crore rupees in a single financial year, tax of 16 lakh crore was paid, a record of 14 lakh crore transaction was made through UPI, exports crossed 750 billion, defense exports of 16 thousand crores, Railways Freight loading of more than 1500 metric tonnes. These records show how fast the country is progressing. I spoke as much as I could in one breath”.

Modi Gave 6 mantras of future politics for BJP
1. Be on top in technology

Modi said, “We should bring technology forward in the party at every level. Technology cells can be created at different levels, which will monitor modern technology and tell How will it reach the public. New methods have to be thought of in social media. Nowadays, in the era of Reel, YouTube, Feature, Instagram, new dimensions have to be developed to connect with professionals in the young generation. Communication and information in the expansion of BJP Will play a new role.

2. Share information with MP-MLA workers
He said, “From Panchayat to Parliament, new platforms will have to be created for training of representatives and workers. Organization power and workers are our life force. Give them this information. There is pressure on MPs, but He also has a lot of information to share with the workers.”

3. Learn from other parties of the world
PM said, “To learn from others, we have to keep an eye on everything. Dialogues have to be made with other democratic parties of the world. Women and youth wing should learn from the parties of other countries.”

4. Celebrate, as well as gear up
Modi said, “When we have the goal of a developed India of 2047, it is our responsibility to leave no stone unturned in hard work. We have to celebrate, but also gear up for the challenges. Stay within the limits of the constitution.

5. BJP has to become the party of the future,
he said, “What should be the modern ways to get rid of their problems with future vision while raising the issues. The solution is not from borrowed thinking, the nectar of India’s roots, traditions, people’s experience.” BJP has to be made the party of the future of the 21st century.”

6. Don’t be a victim of overconfidence, work hard in elections
He said, “We should not be a victim of overconfidence. People are already saying that no one can defeat the BJP in 2024. This is true, but BJP workers We have to win the heart of every citizen as a leader. Every election has to be fought with the same diligence as we have been fighting since the 80s.”

Earlier, BJP National President JP Nadda hoisted the party flag at the BJP headquarters in Delhi in the morning. 

In Lucknow too, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath hoisted the flag at the party office.

BJP begins celebration of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar’s birth anniversary from Thursday till April 14 as a special week. The party has told the workers, ‘Celebrate social reformer Jyoti Ba Phule’s birth anniversary on April 11 and Dr. Ambedkar’s birth anniversary on April 14 at all booths, mandal, district and state offices. Cleanliness campaign should be launched by offering floral tributes on his photo. Discuss the works done by the Modi government for the welfare of the scheduled society”

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