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Modi Govt Defeats No Confidence Motion In Voice Vote

The no-confidence motion brought by the opposition coalition ‘India’ against the Modi government fell in the Lok Sabha on Thursday (August 10). 

This no-confidence motion has been defeated by voice vote. This is also because the prime minister Narendra Modi The opposition parties staged a walkout during his speech.

The opposition said that even after speaking for about two hours, PM Modi did not mention Manipur. Although PM Modi gave detailed statements on Manipur in the last parts of the speech.

Responding to the discussion on the no-confidence motion, the PM said, “In 2018, as the Leader of the House, I had tasked him (the opposition) to bring a no-confidence motion in 2023.” Now I am giving them the task of bringing it in 2028, but come after at least a little preparation. So that the public feels that at least he is worthy of the opposition. 

Responding to the discussion on the no-confidence motion in 2018, PM Modi had said that the opposition will bring a no-confidence motion in 2023 as well. Now PM Modi has once again claimed to break all records of victory in the 2024 elections and said that the opposition will bring a no-confidence motion in 2028.

Regarding the walkout, Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said, “PM remained ‘Nirav’ even today on the issue of Manipur. Being ‘Nirav’ I thought what is the use of seeing the new Nirav Modi. His courtiers have told everything. What PM Modi repeats is what his courtiers have said.” He claimed that PM Modi is afraid of the Congress. 

The opposition’s no-confidence motion was already set to fall as the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) has a majority. On the other hand, the opposition parties do not have the numbers. 

However, the opposition parties have been saying that the no-confidence motion was brought on the Manipur issue regarding PM Modi’s statement in Parliament.

Let us tell you that if the central government had lost the vote on the no-confidence motion, then the entire council of ministers, including the PM, would have had to resign.  

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